NGOs, Donors, and Peacebuilding

Cultivating Peace: Social Movement Professionalization and NGOizaiton in Croatia

Making Civil Society Sustainable: The Legacy of USAID in Croatia

Institutional Amnesia: Sustainability and Peacebuilding in Croatia

Pathologies in Peacebuilding: NGOs, Donors, and Peace Projects in Croatia

The Vulnerable Protecting the Vulnerable: NGOs and Human Security in the Aftermath of War


Making Society Civil

I am currently working on a book manuscript, Making Society Civil: Donors, NGOs, and International Peacebuilding Interventions in Croatia. This project examines three civil society interventions in post-war Croatia, showing the impacts each intervention had on democracy and peace.


Humanitarian Responses to the European Refugee Crisis

I am currently writing a series of papers examining the formation of the ‘humanitarian corridor’ in the Western Balkans in 2015/16.


Other Projects

Recovering from the Revolution: Long-Term Reintegration of ANC Ex-Combatants in South Africa


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